Digital Bytes – 2nd March, 2020

A Comic Exploring the Coronavirus

NPR has a comic that explains the coronavirus to kids. There is even a printable, foldable version and a short 3 minute audio clip to share with kids.

Media Mentor Month 2020

Media Mentor Month from Keri-Lee Beasley is back! It is a great way for parents to connect with their kids on a daily basis and be positive influence in their child’s digital lives.

Students and Phones – Battle Between Tradition and Transformation

The best way to teach students anything, especially responsibility, is to just ban it. Right?” “What have we become? What is our definition of teaching, leading or mentoring?”¬†While many of our primary students don’t have their own phone, the key ideas in this article can be applied to them. We need to be mentors and support our students and not be telling them how they should be spending their free time.

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