About a week ago our teacher asked us to make a blog about how the philosophy of chemistry is related to another subject that we do and I was absolutely clueless about how chemistry can relate to another subject at a philosophical level. I only knew how I could relate this to the other sciences or maths, speaking form a content perspective.

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However, when I was able to think about it over the weekend, I realised that chemistry and math are more alike and linked that people give them credit to be. In the same way that all chemistry topics can be linked back to the most basic form of the atom, any math concept can be linked back to the most fundamental applications of math, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Anything we learn in chemistry can be linked back to the atom and how the sub-atomic particles interact within the atom and with other atoms to form literally everything. Similarly, any mathematical concept such as quadratics, polynomials, even logarithms and many concepts can be linked back to the four basic mathematical functions. In the same way that we use different functions to find answers to mathematical questions, using our knowledge of the atom and the reactions between elements, we can find solutions to so many problems that occur within many external fields of science. For instance, a new molecule can be discovered or created that can help physicists in their research and chemistry can also help develop medicines that can one day hopefully cure cancer. Both chemistry and maths have a great influence on many different fields. Chemistry can easily be linked to any other sciences and maths can be linked to other fields such as economics, business, physics, chemistry and computer science, to name a few. Maths and chemistry have more in common than just the application of maths in chemistry and I think that I might even learn more about their similarities over the course of IB.

In the future, when I learn much more about chemistry during the next 2 years, I might find another connection between chemistry and another subject. I believe I thought of maths first is because I like both maths and chemistry and I am passionate about both the subjects. Other people might have different views because they might pursue different passions. One question I have at the end of this activity is how has chemistry helped other fields of science develop in the past and how is chemistry currently helping the world? I think I’ll find the answers to these questions later, once we begin to study chemistry in detail.

Deciding my CAS

Now that we have to submit our choices of activities for this season, I am wondering about what I should take for each aspect of the CAS programme. I have had a few ideas but I think by analysing my skills and strengths, passions and my goals I can come a step closer to choosing my activities.

My skills and strengths are that I am a communicative person and I like to see certain issues from different perspectives to reach a solution. I am open-minded because if an argument is justified, I accept it and consider it before I present my own perspective. I also like to apply the concepts I learn in school beyond the classroom and apply my knowledge in real-life situations. One skill that really helps me is that I don’t hold on to my mistakes and I learn from them instead.

I am passionate about sciences, specifically physics and chemistry. I like to apply what I learn in the real world and I like to see the scientific concepts in action. I want to help the world in some way through what I learn. Some world issues that I want to see abolished are Global Warming and lack of education for the underprivileged and I hope to help take a step towards solving these issues through what I do in the future. In my spare time I like to play the guitar, do some exercise, watch tv and movies and hang out with my friends. I hope to incorporate the first two hobbies into my CAS.

I want to help people through what I do and have a positive influence on the people around me. As a person I want to be a communicative person that people can trust and depend on where it counts. I think that I still have to increase my social skills and I want to have a more cheerful aura. I want to learn how things work and how I can make them more efficient so that more people are satisfied and the technologies become more eco-friendly. I also want to know how I can help people around the world in whichever way I can.

I have a few activities that I currently like such as MUN because we debate on current issues and collaborate to make a resolution that can help the world. I want to continue playing the guitar and jogging and I hope to improve in both these fields. I am also interested in the “Music therapy with Apex” service because I will be helping people through playing the guitar. The STEM club will help me learn about what is happening around the world in terms of science and technology. I hope that I develop and become a much better person in every way through the CAS experience.

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