Transient Workers Count 2

For our last session of the first week of theĀ  Writers Workshop, we were visited by TWC2,

“Transient Workers Count Too is a non-profit organization in Singapore dedicated to improving conditions for low-wage migrant workers, perhaps the largest group of disadvantaged persons here, numbering about one million out of a total population of five million in this city. Founded in 2003, we operate with a small number of regular staff and a larger number of unpaid volunteers.”[1]

I feel that this organization is doing something great for the majority of migrant workers who go and meet them because they haven’t been paid by their employers. I think that the people who are volunteering and donating money are kind enough to do that, but the organization itself should have some help from the government seeing as the donations may or may not be consistent. Even if the government is providing health protection, it still doesn’t feel like the government is doing enough. By seeing how much struggle the migrants are going through it would be better if the government had also provided the workers with specific rights.

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