EE initial reflection 2

What did I do?

First, I searched up some sample EEs on Theatre to have an idea on what it would look like. I realized that it was mostly research done on internet and about 20% past experiences of the student himself or other actors. Furthermore, I talked to some grade 12 who have done EE’s last year on theatre and asked them how they came about doing it. They said that they had one research doc where they would COPY PASTE all ideas they found with the link so that they knew that when writing their EEs, they had to change the wordings.

(word count: 104)

EE reflection

    • one thing I’ve learned
  • I came up with my subject question and had a clearer idea on what to do. Also, I learned more about the theatre practitioners and different ways to approach it. I have also learned how to use Jstore and other resources to use in the future for my EE outline.
    • what I’m proud of
  • I’m happy because I found some books and sources to research better. Also, I organised my sources well so now I can find my information easily. And I am very interested in my topic so it makes the overall process interesting.
    • what I’ll be doing next
    • I am going to start writing my essay to have a clearer idea on what I’m doing.  Also, I am going to continue to develop on my research material and continue talking to my supervisor to make sure I am on the right track.