This is how I see CAS in Week 1

CAS to me is a unique opportunity for us as students to become a more integral part of various communities, whether it be that of the College, Singapore or numerous other countries around the globe. It is a program which allows us to grow and improve by challenging ourselves every day, a program where we can hone our skills, and develop new ones. Where we can utilise our strengths, and use them to make others stronger. Being students, especially at the IB level, it is so easy for us to become completely immersed in academics and pour our heart and soul into studies, studies, and only studies. But by committing to such a large range of activities and service, we get in touch with other sides of ourselves that we might have unknowingly lost. Not only does CAS benefit us, it can change the lives of so many people outside our little ‘College’ bubble. From special needs children or the elderly with Dementia to migrant workers and youth in oppressed communities, there are so many ways in which the program allows us to interact with people less privileged than us and be a part of something greater. I am really looking forward to beginning the CAS program and beginning new journeys.

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