In this graph, it shows the relationship between a countries GDP per capita and the number of children per woman. The information gathered from this graph shows that as a countries GDPs per capita increases the number of babies per woman subsequently decreases. This is most likely because, in less economically developed countries, the average family will have more children because it means more money, as the children can help provide for the family. Thus meaning as a countries GDP per capita increases the average woman/family is getting wealthier thus meaning there is no need for that extra income.


In this graph, you can see that there is a correlation between a countries GDP per capita and the life expectancy. This is most probably because when a country GDP increases, more money and knowledge is put into the medical infrastructure thus increasing the life expectancy as they have the equipment and knowledge to prevent diseases etc.    However, of course, this isn’t the only reason life expectancy would rise in this graph.



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