My Empathy Map


What would the delegate be thinking & feeling before arriving to the conference?

I feel that Wai Hin would be very interested to meet new people and see people who come from different ethnic groups and learn from them. Wai Hin seems very interested in global issues meaning that he would find it enlightening to find out more from those who come from different backgrounds to him. He also seems very interested in the idea of diversity meaning he would be very excited to be exposed to a more diverse group of people.

What would the delegate be most interested in discussing at the conference?

Wai Hin seems to be very interested in discussing Global Issues and working towards a goal. An overarching theme I get from his application is the idea of peace through love, I feel as though Wai Hin will be able to bond well with the different ethnic groups that come to the conference, bond through their stories and experiences as well as his own.  He would also like to learn about conflict resolution and the causes of certain large scale conflicts such as genocide or religious attacks.

What might the delegate want from you during ‘downtime’ (lunches, etc)

I feel as though Wai Hin would love to converse with not only the delegates but also us and learn more about what we think peace is, and how opinions may differ between people. He wants to consolidate his understanding of peace and would like to understand where others come from on this particular front.  I think he would also like to understand what it is we do during our IFP sessions and what we have learned ourselves.

What might the delegate be most worried about leading up to the conference?

I feel as though Wai Hin may be worried that is voice may not be heard based on his past experience but, he seems very adept with working with people in groups and he seems very interested in what we will be doing and will find it easy to contribute well and be heard.

What learnings will the delegate put into action after the conference wraps?

After attending the IFP conference Wai Hin aims to work with his community and run peace and conflict activities, his community being (Naung Taung Philanthropic Monastery Hopone). He aims to share the knowledge he gains from the IFP conference to improve his community for future generations, and integrate ideas from the conference into the daily lives of the students in his school. He hopes to not only one day educate his school community but also his nation.



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