The Beginning of Cross Country (LO1)

At this point in the year, I’ve been to only three cross country practices. To be honest they’ve been kind of intimidating. I’ve been running to get ready, but this is my first time really doing cross country and I’m very far outside of my comfort zone. It can be kind of discouraging because everyone’s a lot faster than me, but I think I can start keeping up better. In the future, I hope to be more confident in myself and my ability to face challenges. Maybe I’ll even be excited about doing sport next year. In the first learning outcome students are supposed to “Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth”. I definitely know that I have areas for growth here. My track record in sport isn’t necessarily a great one. Not only do I need to develop my confidence, but also my perseverance. My general pattern is that I get really into a sport, I get really committed, and I work really hard, challenging myself a lot. That is a strength. However, those periods tend not to last for more than a couple weeks. Sometimes they last a couple months. So, a strength would be my ability to challenge myself and really do a sport to the best of my ability. However, one area for growth is my perseverance. If I’m still going to two practices a week by the end of the season it would be a nice change. An even better thing would be if I could continue exercising after the season. Lastly, even if I’m nowhere as good as the other kids on the team, I’m a lot better than I was in ninth grade, and I think that is also a strength because I was able to work on exercising on my own. I exercised without a team, even if it wasn’t as regular as possible.

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