When is a joke not a joke?

Are there any topics which should never be joked about?

I’m not sure because sometimes people joke about things in front of people they shouldn’t. It can normalize racist or offensive thoughts to some of the listeners. Different things are offense to different people. We have to e really careful when we make those types of jokes if you say them in front of people who can be offended by them it’s also your fault.

Does the audience or the content off a joke determine whether it’s appropriate or not?

I think that when you make a joke you have to be careful about who you say it in front of. For example, you can make offensive jokes with your friends, but it isn’t offensive because you’re with friends. However, you can’t make those jokes in front of different people because then it becomes offensive. Certain societies are very homogenous, and that means when people make racist jokes, it may not seem racist, but it may be because it normalizes racist thoughts and is not checked by people of those races. Sometimes people think racial slurs about themselves are ok, and their friends make those jokes, and I think that makes it not as bad.

Can bullying ever be funny?

Miriam doesn’t think bullying can every be funny. I know that my friends kind of fake/real bully me and I find it funny. It’s very offensive, and sometimes it doesn’t always feel good, but joking bullying is only funny with your friends. With these things you really need to check yourself to make sure the person’s okay with it. Miriam tries not to be mean to people because she doesn’t like it when people are mean to her. When you’re with your friends it’s not really bullying. You need to check that the people you’re making these jokes about are okay with it, in which case it isn’t really bullying. Therefore, true bullying can never be funny or okay.

“Joking is part of the healing process” in relation to tragic events. Do you agree?

I think that for me joking is part of the healing process. Like I’ve been really hurt at times and I like making jokes about it. However, making jokes about something that has hurt others or groups of people can be harder to decide whether it’s wrong. You want to be really careful about offending people with stuff like this. Joking about tragedy can help you feel better, but you need to be careful about who you’re hurting. You don’t want to trigger people or something.



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