SEAMC reflection

I have always been a maths enthusiast since the very first day I learned maths concepts. Therefore I joined SEAMC (South East Asian Mathematics Competition) as one of my activities.

SEAMC is highly selective towards its members. I joined the entrance test and got the permission to be a part of this club. Lots of my friends do not understand why I  enrolled in a math club. But the concept behind is actually the same: somebody likes to go shopping; somebody likes to play basketball while I enjoy solving math problems in my free time.

I thought SEAMC is only a place where math enthusiasts get together and solve problems by ourselves. But I was wrong. SEAMC is not only about understanding math concept and solving problems, it also requires us to collaborate with each other, to share our opinions towards questions and to learn new things.

Students are solving problems together even before the club time starts.


Ms.Tippy, the teacher who is in charge of SEAMC said that SEAMC is NOT “just an activity for once per week, it is an intensive brain work program on a daily base, and it is only suitable for students who are passionate in mathematics.

Several weeks ago, we were asked to group with others and to solve some question sheets. Together, we solved all the questions in 10 mins.

I think what is special about the SEAMC program is that it is actually not a “teaching course”. It does not provide “tuition course”, instead, it provides us a platform full of math enthusiasts (including myself 🙂 ). We do a large amount of self-study, and we collaborate and support each other. Most importantly, as a team, we aim to achieve some understanding of math that we could not reach as an individual alone.

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