Marc Nair’s Inspiration for Art

My favourite quote from the talk Marc Nair gave was “Real life’s weirder than anything than you can imagine.” So when looking for interesting content for art you would look to yourself first because that’s the real life you’ve known the longest but you can only write poems about yourself for so long before you run our of content. So when this happens turn to the “observed world” because there’s chance, challenge and anticipation. There’s always a story behind any event that happens, what you need to always be aware of is the possibility of a story somewhere. He said he makes sure his work is “Speaking up, out and into.” Which is a quote I like because it’s like speaking up is for what you believe is right, speaking out is like for a cause like an activist, and speaking into is like speaking to another soul or spirit and influencing them emotionally as an individual.

He also discussed collaborating for art. He said that “process is critical in a project” and the process he used was really amazing.  He made a few books with an artist and him taking turns writing poetry and art that were inspired by the other. It was about “the dialogue between the poetry and the art.” I think it’s quite beautiful in a way. I’d like to try that with a friend one day if my art ever gets enough vague to be interpreted in many ways.

What do you think are the ways the quotes Marc Nair said could be interpreted and what your favourite?

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    I found your view on Marc Nairs talk very interesting. I like how talked about life being weirder than anything you can imagine. I like how you brought his views into your own life by talking about how you would like to try making an art book. Something I would like to ask you is what was your favorite point in his speech, and how does his speech influence your life and why.

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    The dialogue between the poetry and art because thats sounds poetic. It doesn’t influence my life because I have other stuff to make before I can try to collaborate.

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