19th century Norway:A dolls house

  • What do you believe to be the three most important facts about 19th century Norway?
  • that at the time besides larson, which here means being born with money, people could now work hard and be educated in order to move up to upper-middle class. this is the time zone where the MCs live in. This was due to an economic boom. The economic boom also brought an obsessive over awareness of money- this caused a lot of tension and drama in the play
  • The ideology of the patriarchal sturture had not only social restrictions but also laws.
  • Why do you think the concept of respectability became more important as the middle class expanded?
  • Yes, there were expectations placed on upper middle class. Commonly referred to as “bourgeois respectability,” expectations of the upper middle-class included financial success without any debt, good morals (or at least making it appear that’s the case), and a stable, patriarchal family. (Willcoxon) (Hagemann 417-419)
  • A womens job was to be a house wife

    Bibliography: Willcoxon, Jeanne. Theatre 271. St. Olaf College. 4 April 2014.

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