HS G12 Student Voice

LO1 Previously in my older school, I had been part of the student leadership committee but Student Voice is a lot more compelling and I feel that my decisions can directly impact the grade and the school at large. I recognise that having joined as a new member for grade 12 meant that I have […]

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Green Umbrella

LO1 Joining this GC felt more different from the other experiences because I just felt very lost at the start as so much had already been accomplished by other members with the GC’s overall working. Being a newbie I learned not only of its movement but also managed to get an audience with Sokrath, the […]

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Science Society

LO1 The science society was generally sessions including discussions about scientific discoveries, and showcasing each other on a particular subject of interest. This drove me to actually search it up later mostly on the physics side of discussions as I always thought to be more of a bio-chem mindset. This was due to not only […]

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Post Culturama Reflection

LO1 and LO4 With the end of the term, as I recollect some of the most significant moments from the two years of IB, it has got to be Culturama. Having participated both years in Cuturama, I feel that I realised my limited experience of dancing has nothing to do with starting a newfound interest. […]

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Culturama: Unexplored

LO 5 Doing Culturama this time has reminded me of the importance of requirement in the physical aspect of life as opposed to newly recognized interest in the artistic expression of dance.  I collaborated with my dance team of Germany and although amidst the sea of IB submissions and assignments at its peak during this […]

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IFP Post reflection

Through the skills developed at the Initiative for Peace Conference in Mae Sot, it helped me to embrace group work and help lead conversations. It was my first time being in such a position of actually having to plan for a conference and the communication skills helped me to oversee the annual Golden Youth Award […]

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IFP Mae Sot

Learning Outcome 7, 6, 3, 2 I have achieved LO 7 by understanding how to communicate with the delegates and how to go about situations when they want to talk about their own personal problems. As some delegates felt comfortable enough to share what was bothering them, we as facilitators did our best in advising […]

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