iPhoto to Picasa


Picasa Web Albums Plug In

All teachers have a Picasa Web Album account with their gapps account. Go to https://picasaweb.google.com and log in using your gapps email and password. 

To make it easier to upload photos to Picasa you can download a plug in for your iPhoto. Go to http://picasa.google.com/mac_tools.html to download the plug in and follow the instructions:

1. Click on ‘Download Now’
2. Accept and Install

3. Click ‘Continue’ 
4. Click ‘Continue’
5. Click ‘Continue
6. Click ‘Install’ 
7. Add in your name and password
8. Click ‘Close’
9. When you open iPhoto, go into your album, select photos to export, click Export (found in the file menu) and you will see the Picasa Web Uploader
For further instructions on how to add a Picasa Web Album to a blog click here  

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