Leaving Well with Google – updated!

[Editor note: We have updated this very important post from our previous 2013 version! The information below is current as of 6 May 2016.] This is always a difficult time of year as we say “see ya later” to colleagues, students and families who are leaving our school. To make the transition a little easier,…

Mac Basics – Getting Started With Your Mac

Getting a new MacBook Air can be both exciting and daunting, particularly for new Mac users. Apple has a number of tutorial videos and explanations which are designed to make your transition to a Mac easier. An overview of their support materials can be found here, however we have selected a few of our favourites to…

Customizing your Class Google Site Banner

You can customize your class Google Site banner to personalize your site for your class. Here you will find instructions as to how to customize your banner using a Keynote template, or using iPhoto. Here’s how to use the Keynote template. Follow these steps to customize your site banner using iPhoto 

Customizing your Blog header

You can customize your blog header in Blogger to have a more personalized picture to represent your class. Follow the steps below to change your header.

Getting Started with your Class Blogs

Each infant class has been set up with a class blog accessible from the school website (www.uwcsea.edu.sg). The purpose of the blog is to share the learning that is happening in the classroom with parents and the wider community. 1.  Log in to the school website and click on the East Learning (Note: The left…

Adding a Picasa Slideshow to your Blog

Follow these instructions to embed a Picasa Web Album to your blog. 1. Select the photos you would like to share from your iPhoto Library. 2. Click on File -> Export 3. Click on Picasa and make sure you have Better Quality selected. 4. Sign in to Picasa with your Google Apps account.   5. Click Allow access….

Getting Started with your Class Google Site

This year, each class has been set up with its own Google Site. The purpose is to keep our parents informed about specific goings on in each class, and to host weekly homework. Below is a screencast showing how to navigate to and get started with your class Google Site. Each grade has been set up…

Creating Announcements for Your Grade Level Page (HoG)

Each grade has been set up with a grade level page accessible from the school website (www.uwcsea.edu.sg). 1.  Log in to the school website and click on the East Learning (Note: The left hand side of the icon) 2. Select Infant or Junior as needed 3. Select your grade level 4. This will take you to…

Presentations with Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a wonderful free app for iPad which really encourages high quality presentations using Creative Commons images. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started: 1. Open the Haiku Deck app and click on the + button to start a new presentation. 2. Type in a title to your new presentation. 3….

Sharing Student Work on Google Sites

At UWCSEA we use digital tools frequently for student learning. Grade 3-5 students have a Google Site which they are using to house their digital content. Below are some workflows for sharing student work to Google Sites easily. From Pages/Keynote Google Sites does not integrate easily with .pages or .key files, but there is a…