Digital Bytes 16th November


How to Use Instagram in the Classroom
Connecting an idea with a visual is an important 21st Century skill. Instagram is a great platform for the classroom because of its ease of use and ability to be accessed by all. Here are 10 ways of using Instagram in the classroom. Don’t forget to include our hashtag #uwclearn when you post! You might like to follow other educational Instagram accounts like @timlauer or @venspired

10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas
Checking for understanding is a crucial part of being a successful educator, and these great tips from the folks at Edutopia will refresh your existing toolkit. Explore these 10 fun-filled formative assessment ideas.

7 Tools for Building Infographics
In the world of information, getting your message across in a way that your audience understands is essential.
Infographics are a fantastic way to share information. Students use a huge number of skills to summarize, categorize, prioritize and collate information into a visual resource.
This article shares seven great tools for building infographics and even includes a short video of the process.

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