Digital Bytes 22 February


Go Noodle

GoNoodle is a fun way to get kids moving. From Zumba to Stretching and Mindfulness, GoNoodle will invigorate your Morning Meetings. After an initial sign up, explore the categories and find some places to start. Talk to Keri-Lee if you want some suggestions of great activities (e.g. check out Maximo’s Surfer Dude for a good giggle).
15 Great Apps to Play With Your Kids

Common Sense Media has made of list of great apps to play with your tween or teen. However, lots of these are great for younger kids too! It is great to see that a number of our favourite apps that we have on our devices are on here like Heads Up, The Room, and Minecraft. Can’t wait to explore some new ones like Photo Hunt and Lifeline.
Singapore International Students Film Festival.

Great movies aren’t made in a day. Share this link to the Singapore International Student Film Festival so your students can start thinking about what sort of film they can create and enter.

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