Digital Bytes – 17th April 2017

Clips This new app has the potential to be the app of the year in education. If you haven’t already downloaded it, do it now. It is incredibly easy to use and perfect for students who want to create a quick video. One of the best features is the ability to to speak and the…

Top 10 Tips for Tech and Travel

Travel Journals using Book Creator What a great way to have a record of your summer vacation! Spice up the regular travel diary with Book Creator. Kids will have fun writing a daily log of their travels and including recorded sounds, photos and videos. Google Maps Offline I can’t imagine my world without Google Maps…

Digital Bytes – May 16, 2016

Great Apps for Book Creator Book Creator is a fantastic app and one that we use across many of our grade levels. This page shares 11 great apps that you can use in conjunction with Book Creator. There are some great examples like creating animations in Explain Everything and then importing those movies into Book…

Digital Bytes 22 February

Go Noodle GoNoodle is a fun way to get kids moving. From Zumba to Stretching and Mindfulness, GoNoodle will invigorate your Morning Meetings. After an initial sign up, explore the categories and find some places to start. Talk to Keri-Lee if you want some suggestions of great activities (e.g. check out Maximo’s Surfer Dude for…

Digital Bytes 15th June 2015

In the last Digital Bytes for the academic year, we feature: – Why Wunderlist Works – an app to manage task lists collaboratively;– The 10 Most Valued Work Skills in 2020; and– Apps that help limit time on the iPad. All the best for a wonderful end to the year.

Why Wunderlist Works

My colleague Dave and I work on many collaborative tasks. Our antiquated system for managing these tasks was a post-it note that Dave kept on his desk, that we would occasionally look at and cross things off. Our MS/HS colleagues Adrienne and Jeff had been talking up using Wunderlist to stay on top of their…

Digital Bytes 18th May

In this week’s Digital Bytes, we learn why “How much screen time?” is the wrong question, how coding can help us learn how to learn, and how playing video games for 10 minutes a day can improve maths scores.

Digital Bytes April 27 2015

In this week’s Digital Bytes there are articles on a variety of assessment tools, the benefits of social media for kids and apps and websites to help create movies and animation. 

Digital Bytes 23 March 2015

In this week’s Digital Bytes, we introduce you to a great new site for finding Creative Commons licensed images with the attribution automatically included upon download – Photos For Class. There are also 3 new tutorials on our iBooks Author Vimeo album, where you can learn some fantastic new tricks. Finally, the iPad version of…

Digital Bytes March 9th 2015

This week’s Digital Bytes features some excellent apps (organised by age level) for Coding, Art, Music, Writing and Film-making, a tutorial for moving incorrectly placed content in a Google Site, and some advice for parents for talking about Digital Citizenship at home with their children.