Top 10 Tips for Tech and Travel


Travel Journals using Book Creator

What a great way to have a record of your summer vacation! Spice up the regular travel diary with Book Creator.

Kids will have fun writing a daily log of their travels and including recorded sounds, photos and videos.
Google Maps Offline

I can’t imagine my world without Google Maps and I use it all the time.

When travelling, we aren’t always connected to wifi or data. The solution is to download the map while you are connected and then you will have access to the map offline.

Packing Apps
I swear by my favourite Packing apps Packing Pro (free, $4.48 for premium) and Pack Point (free, with in-app purchases).

The premium Packing Pro generates expert lists for each family member – perfect when you’re travelling with family. You can add/remove items as needed. The checklist really helps to make sure you’ve remembered everything.

Pack Point can generate lists too, but for 1 traveller only at this stage. The interface is considerably nicer, however!
Packing Techniques

The good folk at LifeHacker have collated a series of tips on packing techniques to help you save space and carry more.

There is a little something for everyone, including my favourite tip: Invest in packing cells!
Google Translate

Google Translate is a fantastic tool when you are travelling somewhere where you don’t speak the language.

It is a free app and can even be used when you aren’t connected to the internet if you download language packs.
This amazing app and website easily organises your travel plans. Simply forward booking confirmations to to have an itinerary automatically created.

Maps, directions and details are all in one place. Super handy if you have a busy itinerary. You can add plans as needed, and it prints out beautifully if you need a paper copy.
Where to Eat
The FourSquare website and app are a hungry traveller’s best friend. Do a location-based search to find the best restaurants (or coffee, nightlife, fun, shopping) nearby.

Partner app Swarm allows you to check into places and have a record of your visit. Swarm links to FourSquare, so you can leave reviews for your favourite places there too.
Where to Stay
You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of AirBnB, the popular vacation rental website and its accompanying app. While we love AirBnB, you may not have heard of a similar service, called VRBO. VRBO does all the same things, frequently with different properties, so make sure you check it out – you might find your perfect holiday home there.
Photo Scavenger Hunt

Creating a photo scavenger hunt is a great holiday activity for kids of all ages. Grab some ideas from Pinterest, or build your own interactive one using Klikaklu.

Klikaklu is a fun app designed for creating photo treasure hunts on your iPhone.
Summer Digital Projects for Families

Everything from starting a family blog to coding and creating photo albums.

Have we missed anything? What are your favourite tech and travel tips? Please share below!

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