Reflection rebranded?

What can we do to repackage the concept of reflection for our students and ourselves?

Reflection isn’t a single thing, a box to check in some elliptical cycle of learning. It’s as much a matter of self-awareness, humility, and affection as it is of timing, sequence, and procedure.” (Read full Edutopia post here)

Educators have been asking students to engage with reflection for decades.  The formal role of reflection can be seen across the Diploma Programme. As we work towards motivating independence, inquiry, and risk-taking in our student body, we also work towards better approaches of reflection.

Could podcasting allow us access to collaborative reflection?

This week I sat down with six members of Initiative for Peace in order to test that notion.
Initiative for Peace (IfP) is an action-based programme that offers UWCSEA students the opportunity to actively promote international understanding and reconciliation in areas of conflict. Since 2001, the IfP has empowered young people from Kashmir, Timor Leste and Sri Lanka to fulfill their potential as agents of change.
UWCSEA students and supporting staff supervisors spend a year planning these conferences, doing everything from sending applications out and selecting participants, to planning the conference programme and activities, to finding speakers and raising funds. They then facilitate and run the conferences, with the support of UWCSEA staff.”

Enjoy our curated conversation and find out whether or not we can capture our awareness, analysis and application through this medium:

If you would like a DLC to help you podcastify reflection, just ask.

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