Digital Bytes – 21st November, 2016


Instructables is a great site for seeing what people are making and sharing what you have made.
It doesn’t matter what you want to make, a cake, a cardboard robot or anything in between, you can share your process on the site.
There are also challenges which you can take a part in if you want.
Lance Makes
This website is a great source of projects and ideas for making things.
The website includes lesson plans and video and can be a great starting point or just used for inspiration.
You’ll find hydraulic judo robots, marble roller coasters, paper rockets and more.
5 Minutes For Fun
Shaun Kirkwood, who recently keynoted at the iPad Conference, advocates that teachers should take 5 minutes out of their day to do something fun with their students. This can be a mini project, game, creating something, drawing, etc. The possibilities are endless! There are ideas everywhere – feel free to make up your own. Put a picture on twitter and add the #5mins4fun hashtag.

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