Digital Bytes – 2 October, 2017

Internet Matters is a good resource for parents who would like some support with talking to their children about issues around internet safety.
There is an app which is designed for the parent and child to use together and a downloadable PDF.
The key thing is for parents to open up lines of communication and to be proactive.
How to Speed Up Chrome
Chrome is the default browser that most of our students and teachers use. If you have noticed that it has been slowing down, you may want to reset it to help it speed up.
This is a less drastic step than completely reinstalling Chrome and it is a lot easier.
Getting Started with Coding
Are you are interested in supporting your students’ interest in coding but you are not sure where to start?
Common Sense Education has compiled a number of resources to help educators. Three key tips they give are: learn along with your students, help the students become the experts and let the students’ interests drive their learning.

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