Digital Bytes – 9th October, 2017



Last May, Kristin Ziemke’s visit to our school inspired many of us to try using different digital tools to support our students.
With the upcoming half term break, you might want to check out Kristin’s book Amplify available in our library or as an ebook.
Kristin does an amazing job sharing ideas that any teacher can use in extremely effective ways.
30+ Free eBooks That Will Help you Master Film Making

There are a number of resources that will help you and your students if you are writing or creating films on this website.

There is something for everyone: Storytelling, screenwriting, scriptwriting, editing , visual effects, film scoring and more.  
20 TED Talks for Designers

We are all designers. Everything we create is a result of design – bad or good.

Check out these 20 design related TED Talks that range from how good design can make you happy to using design make ideas new.

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