Digital Bytes – 27th Nov. 2017

How Social Media Can Help Teach Good Writing
Micro writing for social media is a powerful tool for students to learn. The limiting of number of characters of many social media platforms forces students to learn brevity and to condense their thoughts.
Watch Later Playlist in YouTube
Patrick Green takes us through a great feature of YouTube – the ability to quickly and easily add a video to a watch later playlist.
This feature will help you to organize the videos you want to watch and make yourself more efficient when on YouTube so you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of recommended or related videos.
Parenting in the Digital Age – When I Was a Kid…
Does Every generation of parents look back at their own childhood and wish for simpler times? Do they think that everything, including parenting, was so much easier back then?
Some see new technology as a glass that is half full while others see it as half empty. Here are some guidelines for parenting in the digital age.


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