Publishing a buddy post in 45 minutes: A Tech Mentor How To

A few times a year, the HS Tech Mentor team get together.  If you are wondering what those meetings look like, well, from my perspective they look like any conversation you’d see in any coffee house around the world. The unsung hero of teacher toolkits everywhere is our ability to make time and space to listen.  So, that’s what we attempted to do today.  The intention of our model is to serve as a portfolio protocol for you.


Using the trusty target chart, we collaboratively built notes with a partner.

What did we take notes on?

The first 15 minutes of this episode of the HBR Podcast:

Amy Gallo, HBR contributing editor, discusses a useful tactic to more effectively deal with conflict in the workplace: understanding whether you generally seek or avoid conflict. Each personality style influences how you approach a particular conflict, as well as how your counterpart does.



We recorded a five-minute follow up conversation: the aim was looking at the quotes and questions we gathered, and trying to ‘place them,’ how could these ideas play out across our learning program, or various roles?

We then embedded that audio into separate buddy posts and each left our reader with three more questions we’d love inspire our colleagues to consider.  The intention being: a portfolio is a place not only to document discussion but to extend it as well as invite others outside the room to offer up other perspectives.



Share. Listen. Respond. Repeat.

If you’d like to see what our tech mentors discussed, here is the post from Georgina and Lawrence, and here is the work of Uzay and Louie.

Open Window flickr photo by Preconscious Eye shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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