Be vision-aligned with the content you create.

The Issue

We live and learn in a world where creating professionally designed and curated content is important.  Actually, curation may be one of the most essential skills you learn to do.



“So how do I learn to be creative again? I was listening to The Liturgist Podcast(11/10 would recommend, by the way) on which they defined creativity as the brain making connections between separate and otherwise dissimilar things. The way we make these connections are filtered through the lens of our unique experiences. That’s something that gets me excited about creativity–it’s personal. It’s intimate. It’s produced differently in each person because every one experiences the world just a little bit differently. So to create something that is truly and uniquely ours, we need to stop imitating and start collecting. Did you know that Pablo Picasso conceived Cubism while looking at African masks in a museum? (Read more here)”



What happens when the places you go to in order to produce and build content do not point you to resources which mirror the diversity we seek to embrace?

YES, and…

Some companies are going the extra mile to address the issue of representation.  Check this read out to see why it mattered to this corporation, and how they have been inspired to lead others.


Fix it:

Be mindful of how diverse your creative space is.

Not all stock image sites are created with this in mind.  Yes, some are striving to get better.  Pexels constantly improves, and remember you can send them photos to share too, contribute!

Explore spaces who are intentionally trying to remind us that diversity matters.

Who is doing this well?

Request a monthly subscription to a few free to use photos from RepresentationMatters by clicking here.

Check out to see how they are representing and promoting positive body image.

PEXELS hosts regular photo challenges, might you upload your own images to represent our community? Click here to see them.

Artists like Addie Fisher are taking matters into their own hands and creating their own collections to represent them on sites like Unsplash.

GetColorStock has a great mission, their images are not free–but read why they have gone that route, maybe you will decide to help fund their progress.

WOCinTech has a great photostream via Flickr, click here

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