Digital Bytes – 26 Feb. 2018

March Media Mentors Month
Keri-Lee Beasley has written a great blog post entitled Media Mentors, Not Media Police. In it, she shares 3 parenting styles, Limiters, Enablers and Mentors.
There is also an excellent daily March Media Mentors Month calendar which encourages parents to do a specific small thing each day to be a good media mentor to their children. This is an excellent resource for educators and parents.
Digital Media Can Enhance Family Life
A study from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences has found that digital media can play an important role in family life.
Instead of worrying about the amount of screen time kids are getting, the study encourages parents to decide how specific digital activities affect their children.


When is my Child Instagram Ready?
Judi Ketteler explains how she approached helping her elementary aged kids to use social media responsibly. It all started with Instagram. She allowed her son to have an account and in a controlled space and decided to show him around the space much like a parent would show their child around the neighbourhood. Check out her mentor approach in this New York Times article.


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