Graduating Class: This is your story

A Special Invitation to the Graduates to Be...

Dear Soon to be Graduates:

We want your last weeks to be extra-special and for you to be able to see yourselves in one of your most memorable high school moments. Whether that be a Sports, Production, Performance, Service highlight or moment in project week, we want to celebrate you collectively.


We also want it to be about the school knowing and remembering you for your legacy. A part of being involved in services and activities is that you get to make friends from other grades and build friendships that last long after you graduate. The “my story” will be away for the students of the school to recognize you and your class of as a whole.


Make it special to you. When writing your ‘quote’ or ‘short summary’ think of it like a second leavers quote that is directed at the extracurriculars you have done which are essentially some of your most memorable memories of high school. Think of it how everything you have done in high school has made you “you are the sum of everything you’ve done” or “you are a product of your environment”. When people see these images of you around the school let it reflect who you think you have been for the last few years of high school.

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