Digital Bytes – March 12, 2018

Digital Childhood
If you have time, read this whole PDF. If you don’t, skip ahead to page 14 where they look at the developmental milestones for children of a certain age range and then look at recommendations for digital use, risks & challenges, and impact. They look at 5 different age grouping from 3 to 18. The information is displayed in an excellent way to help you with the various age ranges.


The Art of Screentime
A new book entitled, The Art of Screen Time, by Anya Kamenetz is a must read for those looking for a guide that is well-researched and based on family experiences. There is also podcast interview with the author that will help get you started.
Today at Apple
One of the benefits of having an Apple Store in Singapore is Today at Apple events. Check out these free events such as Music Labs, Live Art, kids movie making, portrait photography and activity and wellness.

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