Digital Bytes – 21st May, 2018


Airdrop on Your Dock
I use Airdrop all the time. It is such a great way to share files. One of the things I like about using it in the classroom is the speed at which you can transfer large files. A large file like a movie may take an hour to upload while Airdrop might only take a few minutes to transfer from one computer to another.
Check this easy, step by step guide to help you put Airdrop on your dock so it is easy to access all the time.
Sketchnotes for Beginners
For many people, the block when it comes to sketchnotes is their perceived lack of ability to draw. The first thing you will learn is that you don’t need to be an artist to create sketchnotes. There are many benefits for learners when it comes to sketchnotes and is is something you should add to your teacher’s toolkit. Take a look at these 5 tips for sketchnotes for beginners.
Shooting and Editing on your iOS Device
Misho Baranovic, author of iPhone Photography ebook, takes you through his process from capturing to editing and finally to sharing images. There are many inspirational examples to illustrate his process.

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