Digital Bytes 28th May, 2018


Comic Books Belong in the Classroom
In his TED talk, Gene Luen Yang talks about some of the misconceptions about comic books that teachers hold and how comics and their structure have helped his mathematics students learn concepts in a way that his video lessons couldn’t.
What’s the Point of a Makerspace?
Jennifer Gonzales talks to John Spenser to find out what really is the point of a makerspace. Spencer answers many questions ranging from what is a makerspace and why would a teacher want one to how to start and manage your own makerspace. There are also a number of very helpful videos including a maker challenge and the ultimate makerspace master course.
The Benefits of Admitting When You Don’t Know
“Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar noted, believing that you ‘must be right’—in other words, lacking intellectual humility—can actually stymie discovery, learning, and progress.” Read more here.

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