Digital Bytes – 29 April, 2019

Easily Create an App in Minutes with Glide App

If you have ever wanted to create your own app or have your students try to create an app, you have to try out Glide. You use a Google sheet and you can create your own app in minutes. There are templates to get you started or you can even use your existing data in your own Google Sheet. Here is a second link to get you started.

Adding Audio in Google Slides

Now you can add audio into Google Slides. The audio needs to be in your Google Drive or a Google Team Drive. TS Bray gives a step by step tutorial how to add audio to your Google Slides presentation.

I Embraced Screen Time with my Daughter – and I Love it

“Most tech-privileged parents should be less concerned with controlling their kids’ tech use and more about being connected to their digital lives.” This article in Wired talks about how focusing on relationships instead of focusing on controlling access to screens can have a positive effect on you and your child. 

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