Digital Bytes – 14th October, 2019


The 8 Best Fact Checking Sites 

Being able to separate what is true from what is not is an essential skill for our students today. While students can look for multiple sources and check the credibility of the website, sometimes they need some support. Here are 8 fact checking websites that can help you and your students delineate fact from fiction.


How to set Your Google Data to Self Destruct

We have all been there. We look something up on the internet and then we start seeing advertising for that item or a similar item. This happens because your Google account gathers information on the places you browse. Last May, Google introduced some new privacy tools that gave users more autonomy over how their data was stored. This article from the New York Times takes you through the steps to you you easily clear your search history so you no longer get those annoying ads.

12 Great Bookmarking Tools for Teachers

Remember that site that you saw a while ago? That one that would be perfect for what you are working on right now? But you just can’t find it! Locating data and resources is an essential skill for teachers and student. This site will give you 12 options for bookmarking and go through some of the reasons why each may work for you. 

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