Digital Bytes – 4th November, 2019


Social Media Has Not Destroyed a Generation

Wearing glasses has a larger effect on your negative well-being that social media use. Eating potatoes has about the same effect on your negative well-being as social media use. Are you surprised? Some studies have tried to claim a connection based on cherry picking small variations in data. This article from Scientific American explores the data.

How to Save a Website as a PDF on your iOS device

This is an incredibly useful tip to create full size multiple page PDFs of a webpage easily on your iOS device. The tutorial has a number of images to illustrate the process.

How do we Help Transform the Internet into a Place of Trust?

This is a fantastic TED talk by Claire Wardle. This goes beyond “fake news” because the issue is so much more complex and nuanced. It is about “lies, rumours, hoaxes, conspiracies, propaganda.” Is it the social media companies who should be responsible for policing the content or does the answer lie with us, the user?

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