Digital Bytes – 11th Nov, 2019 Coding Edition


How to Get Started Teaching Coding

This Edutopia article does a good job in breaking down the steps of teaching coding to your students. It all starts with introducing the core concepts of loops, functions, conditional statements and variables. Once you have built awareness for the students, then you can choose a tool for the job (like, Scratch for Educators). I really like that the author suggests using the workshop model because this is familiar to our teachers.

Think Like a Coder 

Interested in coding? Check out this TED-Ed video series. Episode 1, Think Like a Coder, will introduce your students to some coding concepts and your students will enjoy the various challenges.

Hello Ruby – Love Letters For Computers

There is a great series of books called Hello Ruby which helps introduce computers and coding to students. This website, Love Letters For Computers, provides support materials for teachers and can be used alongside the books or independently. There are videos, other resources and journals to help you and your students.

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