Digital Bytes – 18th Nov. 2019


Getting Started with Sketchnotes

If you are interested in exploring using sketchnotes for yourself or your students, this resource from Sylvia Duckworth is a great place to start. There are a number of great suggestions and connections to other teachers who are using sketchnotes in their classrooms that you can connect with and learn from.


Mix is a website that collates content for you. Simply share what your interests are and Mix will find current websites that you may like. It is a great way to keep current on any subject that you enjoy.

Google Drive Workspaces

Google Drive Workspaces are an excellent way to help keep you organized when working on a project. You can organized files in a workspace that you can access really easily. You can create up to 8 workspaces in you Google Drive. This website will give you more information and help you get started.

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