Digital Bytes – 25th Nov. 2019


Google Tour Creator

We now have some VR goggles that you can use with your students. While Google Expeditions has some amazing content, you are also able to create your own Expeditions. Start by capturing images with the Theta 360 degree camera (we have 2 at school) and then upload the images to Google Tour Creator. Think about all the custom content you can create for your students! Anything from the service groups that your grade level works with to virtual field trips. 

Equity Maps

While many teachers use strategies in their classrooms like names on sticks to ensure that their students are all thinking about the questions they pose and so there is no bias when choosing students to respond, there is a great tool to monitor conversations called Equity Maps. Use the app on an iPad to track conversations and break down who is talking, how long each person talks, gender participation, and so much more. Think about the data you could get about your class book clubs or small group discussions. 

Teaching Podcasting – A Guide for Educators from NPR

When I think about podcasts, one of the first thing I think about is NPR. They produce so many amazing podcasts and so when they create a guide for educators, it is well worth your time. Start with an overview, planning, and finally production of your podcast. Happy podcasting!

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