Digital Bytes – 9th December, 2019


Great Big Story

In the words of Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy, “Video is becoming a well-respected form of ‘text’ that can be consumed and analyzed as deeply as any print text, so collections like these should become a part of your school’s library of options for classroom materials.” Great Big Story shares short videos about people and wonders from around the world and may be great for your classroom. 

From Digital Native to Digital Expert

One of the most important skills for our students is the ability to think critically about the information that they access online. Harvard Graduate School of Education has shared the three things that people need to do to be better at assessing the credibility of what they see. We need to be consistently asking our students to examine what they see and these tips will help.

Talk to Transformer

Talk to Transformer a great site to share with your kids during Hour of Code week because it can demonstrate what coding and AI can do. Simply start a story and the website will continue it for you! 

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