Digital Bytes 16th Dec 2019 – Gift Guide Edition


Christmas is just around the corner and we have got you covered. This isn’t going to be the technology filled gift guide that you might expect. There are some suggestions of ways that you can have a sustainable Christmas and support some amazing causes this holiday season.

Sky School Donation

Sky School works to provide an education to refugees from around the world. These refugees can get a quality education and a high school diploma so they can make positive change in the world. This Christmas, give the gift of education to a refugee in your name or in the name of someone else.

Sustainable Gift Guide

This fantastic gift guide shares a number of excellent things we can all do to be more sustainable this Christmas. Start by giving donations for gifts, give experiences rather than things, and make sure the products you do give are sustainable. There are also a series of questions you can ask before purchasing something. Merry Sustainable Christmas to you!


What if you could change someone’s life with a small amount of money? Kiva connects people around the world who need small loans to get started with a business or other opportunity. For example, Hourameas from Cambodia needs money to purchase fabric for her tailoring business. When the money gets repaid back to you, you can find someone else to lend it out to and the cycle of supporting others continues. You can filter the loans by area, gender or type.¬†

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