Fresh Fruit Friday Experience

My experience at Fresh Fruit Friday

Fresh Fruit Friday is a college service that I’ve been doing since Grade 10. The environment is undoubtedly different, but its core and routine remain the same. Currently, I have, recently, begun to pick up fruit every Friday morning, which is then delivered to the service room. During Friday lunchtime, other Fresh Fruit Friday members and I will pack all the fruits into boxes so that it can be provided to the organization’s location, HealthServe, who assist Migrant Workers during times of unemployment. So, what’s it like┬áto be in Fresh Fruit Friday? Fresh Fruit Friday has been an educational experience that has helped improve my understanding of what a migrant worker suffers from, and how an organization helps these, underprivileged, individuals through tough times of unemployment. Because of this information, I’ve developed a sense of sympathy for migrant workers. Because of this, in the future, I wish to develop my involvement with migrant workers through working with NGOs who aim to aid migrant workers during times of difficulty.

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