LO1 – Identifying your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth
LO2 – Demonstrate that you have undertaken, developing new skills in the process

I recently joined a new activity in efforts to expand my interests and participate in a wider range of things. I joined Inkling, the school literary magazine because I have always had an interest in English and writing. My friend encouraged me to join and I am looking forward to developing my writing skill and to pursue this hobby. I believe that joining Inkling will allow me to find time for my own personal writing, which I have previously struggled to find time for. I feel especially positive about Inkling because I believe that I will have creative freedom and the opportunity to write whatever I feel passionate about. This is really exciting for me as often, random ideas come to my head but I am not able to write about it because it doesn’t fit the “task” or “criteria.” I am looking forward to participating in Inkling and developing my writing/editing skills.