• Extended Essay
  • Interim Reflective Conversation

    My research question is “To what extent has the change in foreign worker levy in Singapore impacted the F&B industry in Bukit Timah area?”. This has not changed much since the initial reflection. From the previous reflection up till now, I have performed primary data collection as well as done extensive secondary research by reading […]

  • LO2
  • MINDs Tampines Ongoing Reflection

    This is my third season participating in this service. I now feel much more confident and comfortable dancing with our clients. There are usually two sets of clients from MINDs Tampines that alternate their visit to UWC on Mondays. In one of the groups I regularly dance with a particular guy as I now know […]

  • Extended Essay
  • EE Day Reflection

    During EE day today, I gained a much clearer idea of what my EE structure is supposed to look like and what I can work on next. Before today, I was very confused as to how to structure the essay and how to link the theory and the data that I’ll be collecting. Today I […]

  • Extended Essay
  • First reflection session

    Being a local here, I wanted to write my essay reflecting on the effectiveness of a policy in Singapore. After meeting with my supervisor, we narrowed it down to investigating the impacts of the foreign worker levy in the food and beverage sector in Singapore. The first thing I did for my research was visit […]