AIDA (Beginning)

AIDA, our school’s 2018/19 Music Production, is something that I was really excited to be part of. Having always performed classical pieces as a solo or a duet, I figured that it would be a good and new challenge to learn to perform as a part of a larger band while also expanding my musical … [Read more…]

Football (Midway)

Football 2018 (Mid-season review) Learning Outcomes – Resilience – Communicator Having played in two tournaments and 6 ACSIS league games, I am so proud of the boys. Playing with flair, playing for the badge on our shirt is always a great feeling. Mid way through the season and only 3 weeks away from the most … [Read more…]

Maths and Me

My previous experience with Math was IGCSE where I took part in the additional mathematics and cambridge international mathematics course. While the CIM course was compulsory, I took part in the Additional Mathematics course as I have deep interest in algebra and wanted to challenge myself during my IGCSE math journey. I believed that taking … [Read more…]