CAS Portfolio (Project Week)

Project Week required a lot of researching and planning but due to the pandemic (COVID-19) we are unable to attend Project Week, one of the biggest highlights in Grade 11. We started off by choosing 3 different options, after that we narrowed it down to one idea, White water rafting in Nepal (with Paddle Nepal). […]

PSE – Pornography

How can pornography and the media contribute positively and negatively to relationships? Is porn good or bad?   Good : people are getting paid, for many it is a job   Bad : sets unrealistic expectations sets stereotypes in a lot of advertisements

English – Where do you live?

What do you consider are your prized possessions? phone (contacts, pictures) physical photographs some of my clothes (traditional clothing) Who are the people you consider your family? father, mother, brother (immediate family) some of my close/best friends grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins What does “safe” look like to you? being around family and friends calm […]