Digital Perspectives – Rough Draft


Today, I think I was self – aware and I knew what I had to do and why I had to do it. I was also a critical thinker because I thought of different ideas and how to incorporate them into my design and logo. One thing that I learnt from today was that there are many ways and designs that you can use to understand and use the same design and that there are many different ways of interpreting them.

Digital Perspectives – Portfolio Header Process

What is the best piece of advice you gave a peer? What is the most important guidance someone gave you? Leave one question: a specific design choice you made that you’d like :

Advice : One piece of advice I gave to a peer was what they could change to make their banner stand out and something that they could add to it.

Question : I like the background and the font that I chose for Nysa, that is because that’s something that I would choose for myself as well because it represents what I like.

PE – ATL Assessment

I feel this way with the boxes that I have commented in, because I feel that I do them and follow through with them. For example; for self management, I am always prepared for class, I always come on time and I always have my water bottle and PE uniform. For Collaboration, I need to ask more questions and give my opinion once in awhile or when needed. I think I am pretty good with communication as I talk to quite a few people and I listen to their ideas and corporate them into mine to compromise. Something that I need to focus on for the future is communicating in the class more and asking questions when necessary.


Digital Perspectives – Audio Discussion ( Only boring people get bored ) – DPers Discussion

Quotes :
– Only boring people get bored
– An average person will spend 2 years of their life on facebook
– By doing nothing, you are being your most productive and creative self
– ” All the cracks of my day were filled with phone time ”

2 questions :
– How do phones effect your daily life in a positive way?
– Do you think that the teenagers now a days would be able to go for the challenge (deleting apps that they use the most)?

English – Reflection on Accent Presentations

In todays lesson, 4 groups shared their presentations and opinions with the class about stereotypes and accents. Although all of us were given the same resources, all of us had a different understanding of what stereotypes were and how they related to accents. For example; my group talked about texting in school and if teachers used slang words when they talk, most of the students won’t be able to take them seriously and might lose respect for them. But, on the other hand, students might be more engaged and might even be more active in class, as they use the same language with their friends. Other groups talked about many other aspects of accents. One group talked about how accents don’t define who we are as a human and how who ever we are around, we get influenced by them and use the same language as them. Many people also judge each other and that is a normal human characteristic and that it will never go away. Now, in the modern day world, children are getting taught english from a very young age so that they can communicate with people from all across the world and so that it is easier for them to get jobs in the future. Overall, no one really has one kind of accent and we keep adapting to other accents to fit in with others.

English – Exploring Languages

I have spent my life living in Singapore and Dubai, and both these places have had a huge impact on the way that I speak nowadays. Throughout my life, I have learnt to adjust to the situations and circumstances around me and adapt my language to that. I have slowly but surely realised how many times a day I change my idiolect just to fit in with others and to be included in their conversations. Some factors that have influenced me are; friends, family and social media. Over these past few years of my life, I have been making up and adding many slang words into my daily vocabulary without it being intentional. Although, I continue to speak to my family members without a lot of slang, with just basic english. We converse in english and in hindi. Although, my parents speak to me and my brother in hindi, my brother and I reply to them in english. This is because we have been going to an international school ever since we were little, and this has had a huge impact on the way we speak and the accents we pick up. We have also learnt that using slang words in front of them might be disrespectful or inappropriate. We pick up language, accents and slang words from the people that we surround ourselves with. The society around us shapes the way we talk and the way we think of certain situations. I feel that all of us don’t have only one type of idiolect but instead we have a few. English is a really abstract language and that is why there are so many different aspects to it. Also, the experiences that we have faced throughout our lives also affect each individual in their own way. Books that we have read, shows that we have watched and people that we have surrounded ourselves with also add to our idiolect and personality as an individual. Some slang words that are commonly used in our day to day society are; LOL ( laugh out loud ), sick ( cool ) and OMG ( oh my god ). When people use these words, they don’t really mean them intentionally. When someone says LOL, they are not really laughing out loud, although they might be laughing or giggling on the inside. Speaking slang has different meaning to different people. For example; to me, speaking slang is just an easier way of speaking, rather than forming full sentences, while others may argue that using slang is simply being lazy. To conclude, when being around different groups of people, our idiolect changes to adapt or to fit in with others and we are constantly adapting according to our situation / circumstance, without even realising it.

About Me

Hi! I’m Lavanya Seth. I was born in Singapore and I have lived here for 7 years. The other 7 years of my life, I had spent in Dubai. I moved to UWCSEA in grade 8 and made many new friends. I have many hobbies, some of which include; swimming, cooking, baking, cycling, and competitive air rifle shooting. Air rifle ( shooting ) is a sport that I just recently started, about an year ago, and so far, I am really enjoying it. I go every Saturday’s and Sunday’s which almost takes up my whole day. I really enjoy cooking and baking, that is why I have chosen to take Food and Nutrition this year. The reason I enjoy cooking and baking so much is because the amount of creativity I get to use to create my own dish or put a twist into a dish that has already been made. I do swimming outside of school, in a club. I have so far achieved 6 levels and 1 bronze medal. I am currently practicing to compete to win the silver medal. Usually, over the weekends, if I have time, I go cycling with either my dad or my friends. We like to do this a lot as it is really fun and we like spending time together where we do physical activities.


What are the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur?
– I think that the most important characteristics for becoming an entrepreneur are ; being passionate, being creative and being a risk – taker. I think this because, being passionate about what you are doing allows you to pursue what you are doing with confidence. Being creative has a huge impact on the product that you are making because your idea could be very different from others and that would allow you to make your own path and not follow others.

Digital Perspectives

What I value when working with others?
– When I work with others, I value when all the team mates work together and cooperate.
The one thing you can do to support me best when we work together is…
– One thing you can do to support me best when we work together is, cooperate and work together without having arguments and agreeing on a certain topic or answer.
When it comes to tech, I am good at X and I need to get better at…
– When it comes to technology, I am good at editing pictures and I need to improve on all the other perspectives of technology.
What people sometimes misunderstand about me when we are teamed up together…
– Sometimes, when I am teamed up with one of my friends, people like to think that we are distracted, but instead, we are working well together and that we can communicate well with each other.
I think of myself as more of an introvert/extrovert, in group work, you may notice I ( X ) please remember I prefer…
– I think of myself as more of an introvert when I am not with my friends but an extrovert with my friends. In group work, you may notice, I talk a lot with my friends and people I am comfortable talking around whereas, in groups with people I don’t know very much, I tend to exclude myself and I become very shy. I prefer to be in my comfort zone (being in groups with my friends).

Global Perspectives

In our last global perspectives lesson, we were talking about gender and what it means to us. We also watched a documentary on a boy who was later transformed into a girl because of a mistake in the surgery. There were many doctors that were involved in this scenario. One of the doctors thought that the environment was the only thing that influenced your views on gender and that everyone was born neutral and that their environment shapes who they are completely. I think don’t think that that is completely correct as there should be a complete balance between nature and nurture and also the experiences that you have shape who you are. I think that gender is important to your identity, but not entirely. There are other things that also contribute to who you are, like your personality and things that you like for example; sports. Other aspects of our life shape us as well, to make us a mature and unique person. Stereotypes are a big part of this. Since I was a young child, I was given very stereotypical toys ( dolls ) to play with. The fact that I had to like the colour pink and other things like that. But in fact, I don’t really like either of those things. I was bought up to think that because that is what my parents had learnt and that’s what was and still is traditional and back then they thought that that was normal and that that’s the way things should be. But nowadays, people are stating to think differently. People are slowly starting to realise that that isn’t the only thing that defines us and they are starting to become more open – minded and have different opinions on things.
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