Respiration tweet

iPhone owned by Bijan Shambayati

To: James Smith (G8)

G8: Idk I’m stuck for this hwk. What even is respiration?

Me: Don’t worry just remember that respiration┬áprocess in living organisms involving the production of energy, typically with the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substances.

G8: Why does it even exist, it’s so stupid?

Me: It’s really not. Respiration is used to do work at a cellular level. Basically it provides cells with enough energy to carry out their specific functions.

G8: How do cells even do respiration?

Me: Respiration is one of the most important ways in which cells get rid of waste products and it fuels cellular activity through providing easier ways for the cells to function.

G8: Thx for all the help cya tmw

Me: Cya James

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