Science Reflection

In constructing my project about AI, I thought of many different ways I could construct a research question or a formal hypothesis.

However after looking at much of the online data, I came to a clear hypothesis which illustrated most of the points I tried to make within the presentation : “data will show that officials in industry work believe that AI will not affect them in less than fifteen years”. was a good opening statement as is very well interlinked to the data and pie- charts I found on the internet. 

Mentor (post 2)

During these interesting times I find peace in doing meditation and yoga. These really help with my anxiety toward the situation that is taking place and really gets me doing something (in a time where I would actually feel useless).

In addition to these I have been reading books and watching videos about mental health and how to remain mentally active during COVID- 19. I have really been enjoying doing these also. I also really enjoy the longer time to sleep in the mornings as I think everyone else is too. This really encourage me to cope better with online learning.


ELP Satirical advertisement analysis

My response: The image of the girl with the gun and the girl with the book is ironic as it is used to show how a weapon of lethal capacity can be compared to a fairy tale book which could be banned for its arguably graphic themes. The book is used to protect as knowledge and the ability to read is and has done.

The visual elements used can be slightly comedic as the gun is far more dangerous than the book yet the book is banned.

Ashima response:

In the third PSA advert, we see a young black girl holding a copy of ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ and a little white girl holding a gun. The text reads “One child holds something that has been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.”

Initially, it is assumed that the advert means the gun, but ironically, it is the fairytale that is banned. The ‘reasoning’ behind the banning of the book is that she has a bottle of wine in her basket, which does not make it kid-friendly. The gun, however, isn’t banned, heightening the peculiarity of the situation. The irony, in this case, is that, to be very point-blank, is that although 15000 kids died in school shootings in the US in 2019, the guns are still not banned; while Little Red Riding Hood has harmed absolutely nobody, and still is illegal. Thus, the tone of the advert is sardonic, deliberately contradicting the meaning behind it.

Mentor (post)

Working during the COVID-19 time has been tough and strenuous for almost everyone. However, in my opinion, I believe this time has done some good for me. I have been less stressed with going and returning from school and am more comfortable at my desk than the ones at school.

I also enjoy all the time that I am spending with my parents, It helps me through the days. Despite this staring at my screen for 7, almost 8 hours at a time is tiring for my eyes. Therefore after my studies I routinely go outside for runs.

Science (Project Portfolio)

In constructing my project about AI, I have already thought about many different possibilities.

For example I have thought of doing a video, a document or even a slide show. Whilst considering these I made a poster to more clearly illustrate what I wanted my finished project to look like. Doing this I realised that the best coarse of action was to create a combination of both a video and a presentation. Doing so, I would use my past knowledge on the dangers and advantages of AI paired with some new research on the topic that I am studying to complete the project.

Drama monologue Reflection

I have in many ways during the building of my monologue,

furthermore I believe the improvements to the piece I was working on were always very constructive.

I also thought that the feedback given by my peers was always very helpful and fitting.

In addition to this I have grown closer to some people in the group and feel more ready to build on upcoming projects with them.

To conclude I think that I grew in many ways because of my monologue performance and it taught me some very useful skills for later on in life.


Respiration tweet

iPhone owned by Bijan Shambayati

To: James Smith (G8)

G8: Idk I’m stuck for this hwk. What even is respiration?

Me: Don’t worry just remember that respiration process in living organisms involving the production of energy, typically with the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substances.

G8: Why does it even exist, it’s so stupid?

Me: It’s really not. Respiration is used to do work at a cellular level. Basically it provides cells with enough energy to carry out their specific functions.

G8: How do cells even do respiration?

Me: Respiration is one of the most important ways in which cells get rid of waste products and it fuels cellular activity through providing easier ways for the cells to function.

G8: Thx for all the help cya tmw

Me: Cya James

drama: reflecting on theatre performances

Task 1: reflecting on theatre performances.



During the video, no sound is heard. Although a series of interesting and fantastical images are seen. Furthermore a strange environment is presented on stage by the actors and cast. Strange creatures are also operated by some actors using sticks, whilst one other looks around, confused at the weird and wonderful world he has discovered.



Whilst watching this I felt slightly worried, however quite enhanced with the amazing and special performances. Also I felt scared of what was happening on stage. I saw a dangerous and interesting scene before me. In addition the scene really spoke to me as I enjoy futuristic and intriguing scenes that make me think about meaning.



The theatrical moment can be used in my work, as a post apocalyptic society, which can aid the quality and my contribution to my team’s work. Also many fantastical moments of interest can be incorporated into my work. They can be shown or used in pieces that I am developing at the moment.


By Bijan Shambayati.


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