The Stones Reflection – Drama

This scripted performance has taught me about my different strengths and weaknesses. Throughout my performance, I was thinking solely on how well I needed to perform and stay on task as well as keep focus. However, now as I am reflecting, I think my strengths are something that has helped me build myself along this scripted journey. I think that my strengths are in the area of collaboration and communication, and my weaknesses are in the area of self-management. I feel that I work very well with anyone in my class, and I can express my ideas verbally. I also feel that I can actively listen, read and watch without any disruptions. However, for my weaknesses, I feel that I need to manage my time more wisely, and I need to get an improvement in the area that is facing a challenge with optimism. Now that I am aware of where there is a scope for improvement, I feel that in the coming performances, it is essential for me to look out especially for these improvements and continue to make it better. And for my strengths, keep doing what I do.

Personal Statement

My name is Matthew Thomas and I am 15 years old. It seems that as we grow older, our ambitions and goals shift to different things. When I was a young child, I aspired to be a footballer as I was passionate about the sport, it always amazed me to feel the sensation of a ball and the pride in scoring a goal for your team. However, as I grew older the goal to be a footballer seemed a bit non realistic for me. I still continued to play this sport but I chose that I want to enter the field of psychology. Something that I have learned since I was a child is work hard because in life, nothing comes by easy. I lived in India till I was three and then I shifted to Singapore and have been living here since. I think the most people that have influenced are my parents and friends. Everything I am or now, I owe to them especially my parents. My personal aspiration is to be able to build a stable future for myself where I can provide for myself and my family, I also want to be really happy with where my life would be heading by the time I am 20 or more years old. I have chosen this to be my personal aspirations because this is something that is fundamental in life. Honestly, I think to achieve this aspiration I just have to keeping going forward and working hard, if I make mistakes I should reflect about them and apply a new strategy.  

DPERS Reflection Questions

Prompt 1 – Which lessons from ‘gaming culture’ could be used in a Global Perspectives unit?

I think there are many lessons in the gaming culture that can be used as a global perspectives unit. Some examples of this is the the stereotypes of female and woman. It seems that the physicality of the gender is not as same or realistic as in real life. Stereotypes don’t bother men, so I don’t see why women stereotypes bother women.  Games are just games. They are a form of art; people can do what they want regarding what they create.  It’s almost like restricting what kind of a painting a painter can create. I think this a very important lesson for Gpers because this can help us understand the world and our gender identity better.

So to summarise, I think the learning of Gender stereotypes is important for Gpers.



2018 Wasters Service

What went well as a group this year?

I think that we became more aware of our actions relating to plastic and we really began to sense our actions committing to global use as well as school use of plastic. I think that is something that really went well for our group which is good and definetly something to start with.

What contributed to those successes, individually or as a group?

I think that individually I really did take actions personally to reduce the use of plastic and when it came to the performance I give out ideas and agreed with others when it came to discussing our different opinions. As a group, I think we made an overall impact on the school even if it was small or big on the broad topic of reducing plastic.

What did you bring in this group and what were the reasons for anything that went well?

I think something I brought in this group was my effort in general and possibly my whole aspect of passion for reducing the plastic.

What didn’t go so well as a group?

As a group, I think we didn’t really plan our strategy out very much and this resulted in some delays of plans for the service.

What didn’t go so well individually?

Something that didn’t go well is the commitment I had for the service because sometimes I could not make it for other reasons.

What do you want to target next year when you come back?

When I want to come back, I want to aim plastic to get more reduced and me coming to sessions more often because I feel like I have something to contribute.

What is your biggest takeaway?

I think my biggest takeaway from this project is possibly the awareness of wasting plastic as a whole. I have learnt importance of this and what effects plastic has on its environment.


Are human rights should be universal or culturally relative?

Recently, we had watched the documentary called ‘Girl in the River’ which portrayed a shocking yet truthful story of a girl who was a target for an honor killing from her father and uncle.Fortunately, the murder was a failure and the girl had only been injured badly but not dead. To answer this question, we must first understand what exactly cultural relativism is. Cultural Relativism is the principle of regarding the beliefs, values, and practices of a culture from the viewpoint of that culture itself. We are looking at a very serious topic which is honor killings, and when we look at this, I personally think that honor killing should be universal and have nothing to with cultural relativism. There are many places in the world where this is happening today and this cannot go any longer which is why the authorities should start taking serious actions on people who have chosen to go down the path of honor killings. Human rights is very important and that if any human rights is violated, it cannot be tolerated. The violation in this case was article 3 of UDHR which states that you have the right to life. Murder cannot be let gone so easily no matter what the situation is and how you were pushed do it in whatever way.A murder should always face its consequences.

Mathew Thomas Grade 9 NYAA Silver Award – Outdoor Expedition

Expedition – Australia Surf the Outback

Question – How/In what ways does Margaret river affect the tourism Industry of Australia?

The Margaret river is a small town south of Perth near Western Australia. The Margaret river has a large impact on the tourism industry because this place is known around the world.Some of the many things you can do in this place include swimming, caving, hiking, birdwatching, mountain biking and the main attraction which is surfing. The river affects the tourism because of all these attractions that are available, it has made people want to come here to spend their vacation.Not only that but this is a world class surfing spot where surfers of all levels can come here and train for anything. Professionals come here for world competitions that are viewed by many people worldwide. The river affects the tourism industry economically quite a lot as thousands and thousands of people come here very often and this benefits the tourism industry as when people see the many beautiful attractions, they are tempted to spend money and this increases the economic status of the tourism industry as well as Australia as a whole. It can also affect the industry socially because this place involves the government investing time in here as well as many people coming her for events and other different competitions. Although there are so many advantages, there are some disadvantages when it comes to every attractive place, there are many tourist industries that revolve their work around Margaret River and because of too many industries it is sometimes possibly to get too much profit because of the amount of competition you have around you. We can also see that accommodations when coming to the Margaret river is a huge profit for the tourist industry because many people choose to live in the resorts and beach houses that the different industries provide the people with and in return, they get a good amount of profit for staying over for a few nights, and so this just further adds on to my point of how economy for the tourist industry is going very good with an increase over time. Unfortunately, there is also another disadvantage, another main attraction other than surfing include sightseeing, this attraction is priceless and free which is a major downside for some industries because they are not earning anything from this especially since it is a free major attraction.These are all the main advantages and disadvantages that affects the tourism industry in Australia when it comes to Margaret River which truly is a worthwhile and very wonderful place.

DPERS The story of your perspective

There are many persuasive ideas when it comes to discussing about video games.Personally, I am for video games because I feel that it can truly have an impact on the modern generation when it comes to education, not only that but we are also called by the name ‘Tech Generation’ which further adds to my point of using video games for education. Emphatic is an important quality in a person’s life and if video games is able to implement that, then it is very good for a society. Empathy can be learned from characters of the video games or the plot line itself. Video games also helps with our intellect and because of that it is meaningful.

Writer’s Fortnight Article

                                                                             What does success mean to you?

                                                                         “Success in a more vivid perspective”


Image result for successTo truly understand success, we must understand what the society thinks of it to this day.Modern society understands success as an accomplishment of  a certain aim or a goal.It is different for everyone, and the meaning of success and level of success simply depends on your own perspective.Sometimes even the most simplest things in life might be an accomplishment for people.So relatively, how we rate successes all comes down to our attitude and mindset. As a person, when we attain success, our loved ones triumph and motivate us to go further.

For Steve Dawson, a 51 year old  journalist. Success came through for  Mr Dawson only when he realised what his true passion was. To him, success changes with age. When he was younger, success was to be employed by the best in the business. Once established, success was to be brilliant every day and be regarded personally as the best in the business. As one gets older, providing for oneself and ones loved ones becomes the major  priority. Success is therefore far more easily measured in dollars and cents. On the whole then, success is probably best measured by duration or dedication in an industry that lives only for the moment. From Mr Dawson, we learn that success came through hard work and striving to be the greatest because in reality there is competition all over the world.Steve Dawson raised forward than everyone else because he had chosen to live life by the rules and that decision proved successful to this day as he is working for ESPN and is now in his 7th year of presenting Formula 1 on star sports.

Similarly for Chetan Bhagat, an Indian author, motivational speaker and television personality who is now looked upon by the world and considered to be one of the most successful people of the modern  time.In 2008, the New York Times cited Mr Bhagat as “the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history”. As said by Chetan, “ it is time to face the real world,Success for him today is having the freedom to do whatever he wants, and his writing to have the impact that he desires. Success is a great feeling and one of the sources of happiness, especially when it comes after hard work. Usually success does take hard work and it only comes after that. Chetan Bhagat stated that his strategy to get where he is now was to reinvent by changing the game. He says that the best people to survive in the world are the ones who are adaptive and not the ones who are strongest and smartest. “It is time to face the real world, even if it harder and painful. I rather fly and crash than snuggle and sleep.” is one of Chetan Bhagat’s famous quotes where he implies that that without learning the real life situations, it is simply not possible to get anywhere in life which brings us back to the point of surviving and adapting to the reality.When he started off into writing, his goal was not to an author known worldwide but to inspire and bring change to the lives of billion Indians. He believes every human should have ambitious goals and all of us.

And lastly, we introduce Bill gates who is considered to be one of the most successful men of our modern age. He is a businessman, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft. He is the second richest person in the world just below Jeff Bezos as of October 2017.For Bill Gates, he felt that success came different for everyone.According to him, success is defined by two main factors. Making a difference and a change to the world as well as taking care of those closest to you and cherishing them for life is success for Bill Gates.Being Successful does not mean you have to be rich, making sure there are people who are around you in your everyday life  who love and care about you.“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world ,if you do so, you are insulting yourself.“, this was said by Bill Gates  to help us learn and realise that if we continue to compare ourselves with others, it is not possible to get to a better stage in life.Another quote said by Bill Gates  “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, its your mistake.” We have to be able to adapt to any situation and work towards certain goals in that environment which we have placed or immersed ourselves in.

These three stories can show us that everyone’s definitions of success is different and we should not be influenced by what society sets its standards to be. What was common about them? They all chose to live their world with their passions.

DPers Accordian

Accordian Module
Design Basics

Rough Draft

Done Manifesto

I think the advice was very realistic and good on how we can get things done faster and in a more effective way.


Thinking about the client

In my logo, I want to communicate why people should have the feeling to come to the writer’s fortnight.They should know the fortnight importance and why our school has chosen to implement it.

These are the three question from 25th April Dpers Lesson

  1. The keys for persisting through confusion can only come within yourself. We have to analyse the situation and see what exactly we are trying to achieve. We have to try very hard and put in maximum effort as well as see what did we do that was wrong that put us in confusion
  2. I think I used creativity the most today because it helped try out new stuff when using the adobe software and let me see the thing in a different perspective.
  3. Yes, I think that needed to do that at times when we were told to give different features but then again at times some stuff were easy so it was alright for me although still could have done a bit better.

DPERs Notes on Social Media – How social media has impacted our relationship with our family?

In today’s class, we discussed on what impacts the digital world can have on our relationship on our generation, specifically the bonds and relationship with our several family members.I thought of my question which as you can see, is in the title of my blog post because I felt like our modern generation Z compared to older generation has become addicted to the technological world and we are driven to do things we are not supposed do.We are being controlled or rather provoked to live our life by the digital world’s orders.This question can really help us dive into different perspectives.With further questions, we can dig deeper into this questions and possible get more answers.We would need to avoid bizarre perspectives and possibly from the older generation because at times, some of the technology was not available at that time.

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