Getting Started with your Class Blogs


Each infant class has been set up with a class blog accessible from the school website ( The purpose of the blog is to share the learning that is happening in the classroom with parents and the wider community.

1.  Log in to the school website and click on the East Learning (Note: The left hand side of the icon)

2. Select Infant or Junior as needed

3. Select your grade level

4. This will take you to your grade level page which the parents of your students will see. (Here is an example from K1)

5. Click on your name to access your class blog. It will look like this:

6. If you are signed in, you can click on the Blogger icon in the top left so you can edit your blog. 
7. Click on the name of your blog to open the editing menu

8. Click on New Post to add a new post, or click on Posts to edit a draft post.
9. Type a Title, some Labels (Keywords separated by commas) and type your message. 
You can save a post, which means your work is saved in draft form. You can edit at a later stage if you like. When you are finished the post, click Publish, which will mean your post will be visible to the public.
10. Posts do not need to be long, however we strongly recommend every post include photos. Visit this blog post to see how to embed a Picasa Slideshow.
Please feel free to contact either Dave or Keri-Lee if you would like some help with this process. 

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