Digital Bytes – January 4, 2016


Pixar in a Box
When I think of Khan Academy, I think of lessons for mathematics or science. They also have something called Pixar in a Box. Students can see what they are learning in school helps to creatively solve problems that the people at Pixar face when making films. This is something you might want to try for yourself or with your students.
5 Great Sites for Finding Images on an iPad
We all know about Book Creator as it is such a fantastic tool for our students. The Book Creator team has shared 5 great sites for finding images on an iPad. You may be aware of a couple of them such as Photosforclass and Flickr but there are others that will help you find images for your students’s work. Each site is rated for: Design, Ease of Use, Search, Quality of Images and Explanation of Licensing.
Word Cloud in Google Docs
You may have used Wordle to create a display of words where the more the words appear in your text, the larger the words are in the display. Now you can do this right in Google Docs using an Add-on called Tag Cloud. This is very useful for students to use in their writing to see what words they are using the most.

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