Digital Bytes – 18 January 2016


TED: The Year in Ideas 2015
Highlights of last year’s TED talks are categorised into groups such as, “This year, humanity dared to take bold steps forward,” and “We desired a brave new world… Straight out of science fiction.” The 2015 talks are just as incredible as previous years, so make sure you take a look! Click here to get inspired by high quality videos.
10 Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Install
Jeff Utecht has put together a great list of extensions – a little something for everyone. Some of my favourites include extensions to bookmark and save websites, extensions for taking notes while researching, and a super cool trick for sharing URLs quickly. Check ‘em out!
Use Minecraft to Teach Math
Minecraft has been engaging kids for a number of years. But how to capture that engagement to capitalise on learning? That’s where MathcraftPLC comes in. Lessons aligned to the common core, together with a learning community ready to help you is a winning recipe. Learn more about Mathcraft PLC here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, the list of Chrome Extensions is super useful. Wonder if there is a list of extensions which students should not install 🙂 lots of funny ones with dubious purposes.

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